Ex-Reformist Opposition and the Rest-of-Us

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Ali Negahban: Every now and then, occasions arise that I need to make a decision about whether or not to collaborate on an initiative involving “ex-reformists” or “Green Movementers”. It’s always a difficult decision; it always makes you rethink everything and … Continued

Two Books

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Ali Negahban: When the Islamic revolution occurred in Iran in 1979, I was a kid in grade six. The school was closed for two months. I finally went back to school to find the principal was wearing a beard and … Continued

The Uprooted Text

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Ali Negahban: Language comes to the foreground in extreme situations and migration is one such situation. I call migration an extreme situation because it imposes a radical change on the migrant subject. In this essay, the word “migrant” is employed … Continued